Global Relocation and Move Management for Corporate and Private Clients

Latitude is a Global Relocation and Move Management Company that provides the full suite of door-to-door international relocation and household goods moving services for Corporate and Private Clients. 
Our leadership team are all expats having lived and worked on five continents and multiple countries. 


Working with Corporate clients Latitude specialises in silent running. We have in-depth knowledge in helping mobility teams design, scope and implement global mobility programmes with the least disruption to their business. Our personal expat journeys provide unique insight from the Assignee perspective to help deliver a positive Assignee experience with true empathy and understanding. 

Working with Private clients - On a personal level, as expats, we understand just how exciting (and daunting!) these opportunities are. You are not alone. With the right help and guidance from people who have done it before, this can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. We keep it simple.

Working together. How we help:

Global Mobility & HR Teams

Global Mobility &
HR Teams

HR and Mobility Teams looking to support their organisation's employees relocating internationally or domestically

Family Fun in Field

Private Clients

Private Clients who are relocating themselves internationally and are looking for guidance and support in arranging relocation and moving services

Working Together

Lumpsum/Encashed Assignees

Corporate Individuals whose employer supports their relocation by providing a lump sum allowance to cover the costs of relocation and moving services

Politician with Supporters

Diplomatic Services

We provide local administrative support and services to Diplomatic Missions, including global relocation and moving services to their diplomats

With Latitude, it truly is Your Journey Your Way


Belgium to UK

"Always available and understanding. Great team and very professional. Communication and detail of the move was very good. If an issue arose, it was sorted straight away."